Cat Proof Your Garden With Fencing And Other Tips & Tricks

Do you have cats that stay outdoors? If you do, you might have already realised that you have to work to keep them out of the garden. Cats are up at night, so you’re not going to know when they are roaming around your vegetables. Maybe it’s not your cats that you have to worry about, but feral cats that are roaming the neighbourhood. And to be honest, if you have cats entering your garden, you can imagine there are other critters that are going to try to get some of your food, too.

Be sure to check out Oscillot as a potential solution, requires you to import in the UK but there is one company that is considering stocking it and that’s Bristol fencing the owner gets multiple requests for  fencing solutions for cats.

It’s not just vegetable gardens that you have to worry about. Cats and other animals will also make their way into your flowerbeds and all. If you are reading this, you might have already put up fencing. That is likely working out rather well for you, but how do you cat-proof garden fencing?

Some tips you might see online are geared towards the idea that the fencing itself would keep the cats out of your garden. Just remember, however, that cats like to climb. And while you might put up cute fencing around your vegetable garden, do you really want to do the same for your flowerbeds? That might not look so hot.


In other words, you might need to know more about cat-proofing your garden in other ways. If you haven’t yet put up a fence, then you should know that it matters what type of fencing you choose. Take a look at what works best as you select the fence you need for your garden. Have you heard of semi-flexible fencing?

That is one of the choices that you have, but there is also inward curling fencing as well. You might also want to know the type of plants that you should not have in your garden when you have cats as pets. That will help you out, too.

There are other types of deterrents, too, but the best remedy is perhaps good fencing. One thing you don’t want to do is put catnip inside the fencing and throughout your garden. That’s just a joke. If you do that, you’re going to have your cats trying to get in your garden all the time.

It will really help to look at what plants to avoid when you are designing your garden. If you see that some of what you already have planted is on the list, you can either make due or change a few things out. Again, you might want to start with that fencing.

If you have the fencing in place already, you might take note of improvements you can make. There are all kinds of little tips and tricks that can help you keep the cats and other animals out of your garden. Just make sure you can still get in your garden so that you can take care of those plants. Pretty soon, you will be picking fresh produce, but you want those vegetables to last until harvest time, right?